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Relaxed, Relieved and Remarkable…

Little did we know that hemp pellets were exactly what our 20-year-old Thoroughbred Mare needed and the answer to our

prayers. After a great conversation with Brenda, Co-Owner at Healing Cowgirl, and explained to her our mare’s history, she

knew exactly what to give our mare to try. She sent us Everyday Wellness Hemp Pellets for relaxation and calmness,

Clean Ride HempFlavin Powder, which helps with any inflammation that she maybe experiencing, and the Full Spectrum

Performance Paste that we use to take the edge off while our mare is either having a body clip or farrier appointment. The ultimate

goal is to take her off medication and supplements and replace it with more natural and more effective results. She has been on it

for 30 days now and she seems a lot more relaxed and happier! It’s great having our own in-house sales representative, Taylor

Burgess to hero us out with any questions or concerns we may have. She’s the greatest! We highly recommend this company and these products!


Eased Neck Pain

My 28 year old fell and just his head went under a fence. Although he was not trapped, he just did not have enough room to lift his head. Luckily, I found him and was able to pull him out with assistance about 4 inches so he could get up. I gave him a tube of the HempFlavin Oil as I keep several on hand. I could tell it eased his pain. He was already on the pellets. Highly recommend keeping this product on hand.


Amazing Products

I purchased some for my dog and for myself. Thank you for the reviews from the ones at the Equine Affaire (Fantasia). I just started using mine and I can tell the difference. GREAT Product and Amazing owners!



I haven’t used any of the products yet, but was at the Ohio Equine Affaire last month. And reviews from some of the people that this company sponsors are giving them great reviews. So I am going to give it a shot.


Helps with old age aches & pains!

My vet suggested these pellets for our senior horses – it has made them a lot more comfortable!!!


Best supplement for nervous horses

I previously had used other things to try to calm down my mare. None of it worked at all. She just started to get spookier and it wasn’t fun for me. After just a week of trying this my mare was relaxed and did her job without freaking out over silly things. At day 18 my mare was almost completely calm and now I’m at day 24 and it’s a whole new horse. Would highly recommend! The pellets are the best thing on the market even people at my barn have noticed a day and night difference. Wouldn’t ever take her off of it!


Reduced pain and enhanced mobility

I have a 9 year old 200 lb. English mastiff that was starting to have trouble getting around. She started falling, tripping, and generally having a hard time getting around. We started giving her the treats and canine crush and almost immediately we saw improvements. She is 5 months in and it’s like she is years younger. These products have greatly improved the quality of life she has. Thank you to The Healing Cowgirl!


Relief for you & your horse!

I met the owners of healing cowgirl at the panty raid in Springfield Ohio. They were the sweetest gals I’ve ever met and I was quickly drawn to text their products, after testing the equine paste & broad spectrum I will never barrel race without them! I was so focused & I felt my horse was too, we ran one of our best runs that day. 100% worth it!


Loosening muscles quickly.

I have a mare that has always been very stiff legged and rough riding until I loosened her up by loping for at least 15 minutes. After feeding CBD pellets, it now only takes about 5 minutes of loping to loosen her up and she is ready to rope on.


Improved Mental State

After using The Healing Cowgirl’s CBD Pellets, I saw a drastic increase in my horses mental state. He became much quieter and focused on the rider. The CBD Pellets really helped to calm his nerves in the show pen and all around make him a happier horse.